When medical costs are high

Please consider a donation:


On Wednesday evening June 5th, Jeanne collapsed in her home and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Owatonna MN. Upon arrival she started having seizures and was then airlifted to a larger hospital in Minneapolis where she spent two days in ICU.  After several tests and scans it was determined that Jeanne had developed a venous blood clot on the front of her brain.   At present she is stable and conscious and has been moved out of ICU but will remain at the hospital for a few days before going to a rehab facility. In addition to the blood clot in her brain, she suffered a facial fracture when she fell, so she is in a good bit of pain from the fall. 

Jeanne does not have health insurance so the family will be facing astronomical medical bills from the helicopter transport, ICU stay, multiple scans and tests, and her ongoing anti-seizure medication she will now have to take on a daily basis. 

Jeanne is a six-year breast cancer survivor so we are confident that she will come back from this with the same fight and determination she had then.   Please consider a donation in any amount – all donations  will help pay for the expensive medical treatment needed to save her life.  And, please share this via text, email, or social media with those you know.  Thank you!


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