About the Author

When I started my blog several months ago, I knew I didn’t want to limit myself to writing about food.  I love cooking and baking and taking pictures of my creations, but there’s other things that cross my mind – stuff I want to share, stuff I need to get off my chest, and fun stuff!

I have what some may call an unhealthy obsession with shopping for clothes.  The truth of the matter is, I LOVE fashion.  I love shoes, clothes, jewelry and handbags as well as makeup and beauty products.  But I am the first to admit, I am definitely NOT an expert in this area.  I have several fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram because I just love their style (and sometimes I even buy what they’re modeling!).  I know I’m not really qualified to be a fashion blogger, but on occasion, I’d like to share an outfit, or thoughts on a latest trend.  So, I thought I could do both food AND fashion.

Then I got to thinking about family stuff – the funny things that happen, the frustrations, the celebrations and adventures.  I had rants going through my head about stuff that was absolutely driving me CRAZY in terms of raising kids, being a wife, and having a career.  So, I thought I could do food AND fashion AND family.

Then there’s all the other stuff.  I love going to concerts, dining out at restaurants, hanging out with my dog (who happens to be the world’s coolest dog ever).  I love decorating my house and entertaining.  So, I thought I should add another F to the blog; fun.

Food, Fashion, Family, Fun.  That about covers it.  I think.  The thought has crossed my mind on days when I’m not in the best of moods that there may be another F-word I could feature, but I decided against it.  Didn’t seem appropriate (though, I don’t know when I ever let that hold me back…)

I really wanted my blog to be “The Good Life,” since our last name is Goodaker it seemed like the perfect title, but not only was it already taken, so were most of the variations of it.  I ended up with Eyes on the Good Life; “eyes” because what I write about is from my point of view, and because I love sharing photos to help tell a story visually.

The Good Life is a play off my name:  THEresa GOODaker LIFEstyle Blog.  Another item on the never ending to-do list:  design a logo that illustrates this in a fun and clever way.

Thanks for stopping by!