What to Watch

I watch a lot of TV.  A lot.  But I’m OK with that, because I also read a lot of books, keep my house clean, take care of my dog and my garden, get exercise, WORK…so I don’t feel guilty about it.  I was into series and good shows long before Netflix and “binge watching” became everyday words.  We always had HBO & Showtime subscriptions, because they always produced quality shows.  I’ve even listed some of these at the bottom.  Also, there are no descriptions, because you can Google that!  You can also check out my posts, What to Binge Watch from May 2019 and What to Watch Winter 2020 Update for more details on some of these.


My absolute favorites are in BOLD font, and featured near the top of the list.  I have not listed everything I’ve watched – some things were just OK (not worthy of being on a list), some I couldn’t make it past the first season (like Westworld and Man in the High Castle), and others I feel just don’t stand the test of time (Friends and Seinfeld are two that I really enjoyed back in the day but I don’t think they are all that funny now).  Speaking of comedies, I don’t have a lot of those on my list – dramas and suspense are really my favorite, even though I do like a good laugh!

Check back occasionally – as I discover and watch new shows, they will be added to the list.  Also, I just updated with the number of seasons available!

Theresa’s Recommended Shows to Watch:


Book of Boba Fett – 1 season

The Mandalorian – 2 seasons

Servant (horror/dark) – 2 seasons

Inventing Anna (drama) – 1 season mini series

Snow Piercer (post apocalyptic drama) – 3 seasons

Yellowjackets (horror/dark) – 1 season

Ted Lasso (comedy) – 2 seasons

Ozark (drama/suspense/dark) – 4 seasons

The Crown (drama/historical) – 3 seasons

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (drama/comedy) – 3 seasons

Handmaid’s Tale (drama/suspense/dystopian) – 3 seasons

Schitt’s Creek (comedy) – 6 seasons

The Americans (drama/suspense) – 6 seasons

Billions (drama) – 5 seasons

Dead to Me (drama/dark comedy) – 2 seasons

For All Mankind (drama) – 2 seasons

Atypical (drama/comedy) – 4 seasons

Midnight Mass (horror) – 1 season

Ginny & Georgia – 1 season

Station 11 – 1 season (mini series)

Firefly Lane – 1 season (mini series)

Stanley Tucci Italy (travel documentary)- 2 seasons

Evil (drama/horror/comedy)- 2 seasons

Nine Perfect Strangers – 1 season (mini series)

Homeland (drama/suspense) – 8 seasons

Morning Show (drama) – 2 seasons

Downton Abbey (drama/historical) – 6 plus feature length movie

Picard (sci-fi) – 1 season (watch Star Trek The Next Generation first or you’ll be lost)

Hunters  (drama) – 1 season

Defending Jacob (drama) – 1 season

Outer Banks – 2 seasons

Bridgerton – 2 seasons

Hollywood (drama/comedy) – 1 season

Umbrella Academy – 2 seasons

Succession (drama) – 3 seasons

The Queen’s Gambit – 1 season

The Deuce (drama – warning:  this is dirty!) – 3 seasons

I Am Not OK With This (drama/dark comedy) – 1 season

Locke & Key (drama) – 2 seasons

Rectify (drama) – 4 seasons

The Outsider (horror) – 1 season

Silicon Valley (comedy) – 6 seasons

End of the F***ing World (drama) – 2 seasons

Big Little Lies (drama) – 2 seasons

Better Call Saul (drama/suspense – prequel to Breaking Bad) – 5 seasons

Breaking Bad (drama) – 5 seasons

You (drama/suspense/dark) – 3 seasons

Sharp Objects (drama) – 1 season

Broadchurch (British crime drama) – 3 seasons

The Fall (British crime drama) – 3 seasons

The Sinner (crime drama) – 3 seasons, I’ve only watched 1-2

Stranger Things (sci-fi) – 3 seasons

The Haunting of Hill House (horror) – 1 season

Game of Thrones (drama/action) – 8 seasons

Shameless (drama) – 10, I only watched through Season 9

Sons of Anarchy (drama) – 7 seasons

House of Cards (if you can still stomach Kevin Spacey) – 6 seasons

Black Mirror (Skip Episode 1 – it’s awful, disturbing, and will scare you away from a really good show!) (sci-fi) – 5 seasons plus 1 choose-your-own-adventure movie

American Horror Story (horror and dark comedy) – 9 seasons; I have not seen 5 or 9 and do not recommend 6 (it was not good); renewed for a 10th season

Narcos (drama) – 3 seasons; I watched 1-2

Making a Murderer (documentary)

Pandemic (documentary)

Tiger King (documentary – so bad it’s good)

Older Shows

  • Weeds
  • Deadwood
  • Carnival
  • Sopranos
  • Six Feet Under
  • Dexter
  • Sex in the City