Am I Too Old To Wear A Romper?

I actually Googled this.  I have several rompers in my closet.  I love them because they’re cute and fun and flirty (not to mention comfy).  They do have their downsides (like having to get completely undressed just to pee), but for the most part they are a great summer wardrobe piece.  However, sometimes I worry that perhaps I’m too old to wear a romper.  I am, after all, on the other side of 45, so I Googled “am I too old to wear a romper.”  The opinions were all over the place.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • It’s okay to wear a romper if you’re over 40, just avoid floral prints (they look too young) and anything too short, because you need to have good legs. (That made me giggle because to be completely honest, my legs look better now as a 46 year old than they did as a 26 year old.)
  • If you want to wear something, wear it and feel good doing so
  • Look for inseams at least 3” so they aren’t too short
  • If you wear shorts, you can wear a romper
  • If certain body parts are drooping from their original position, retire the romper
  • If you have doubts or don’t feel 100% confident, skip it

I also came across this collection on Polyvore:  Rompers for the 40+ Set.
And this on Bustle:  15 Grown Up Rompers That Are Mature Enough To Wear To Work And Beyond
*For the record, I’m pretty sure I would never wear a romper to the office.  But, ya never know…

These are the rompers I have in my closet.  I don’t know if they qualify for “mature enough” but I like them, and I wear them.

Gianni Bini Patterned Lace-up Romper – I purchased this new with tags from a seller on Poshmark.  I love how this romper is different, with the bright colors, the wider flowy legs, and the sexy lace up in front shows just the right amount of cleavage without going overboard.

Navy Patterned Ruffle Romper from Abercrombie & Fitch.  OK, talk about too old to shop somewhere…however I ordered it online to save myself the heartache of actually going into the store with it’s over powering smell of cologne and loud music and clerks assuming I’m buying something for my daughter.  But it IS a super cute little romper and I don’t think it looks particularly “young.”

Gray and White Strapless Overlay Romper from Linkshe.  Currently under $30, this looks exactly like the picture, which we all know is hit or miss with some of these online boutiques.  The elastic around the top stays up, so you don’t have to worry about continually pulling it up.  I like to wear a colorful statement necklace with this one, otherwise I feel kind of bare on top.  Best part about this romper?  Pockets!

Black Open Back Tassel Romper from Dress Lily is currently under $20.  This is really cute from behind, so I added colorful beads to dress up the front.

The Black and Floral Print Romper from Evie Rose Couture I featured in another post a couple weeks ago.  This romper really is lovely and Evie Rose is a nice boutique with excellent customer service.

While researching the romper question, I also learned about other things that I’m too old to wear.  First of all, I’m too old to be wearing message t-shirts.  While I did retire the one that says, “Surprise! I’m Drunk” I still wear “Viva La Bruch” and my favorite that simply says “NOPE.” Also, letting your bra straps show is a no-no past 30.  Woops.  My bad.  I thought that was the point of all the cute lacy bralettes currently in style, so I’m going to ignore that little rule.  I’m also ignoring the rule about distressed denim.  I happen to love distressed denim and I don’t give a rats behind what anyone thinks of me wearing jeans with holes in them.  With my message bearing t-shirt and bra showing, of course.

There are many, many lists out there about what middle age gals shouldn’t wear, everything from glitter and hooker heels to cheap underwear and cleavage revealing tops.  Some I can agree with, but most I think are silly rules.  In my opinion, if you can tastefully pull it off then why not?!  Tasteful is the key here, because no one wants to look tacky.  My favorite rule? Wear whatever you want to wear, and when you do, make sure you own it!

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