4 Beauty Favs – February Edition

Getting through the winter months is a struggle for me – from January to February, it’s dark, and cold, and often dreary where I live.  While I endorse “retail therapy,” I currently have more clothes than I know what to do with, so until I get my closet situation squared away, I’m trying to hold off on purchases.  Besides, it’s more fun to shop in the spring when all the new styles are coming out and the weather is warming up.  So as an alternative to clothes, I’ve found that investing in new beauty products can really perk a girl up!

As I get older, I’ve had to experiment a bit with new products.  The same moisturizers and foundations that I had been using just weren’t cutting it any more.  While my skin is showing signs of aging, I’m not necessarily trying “stop the clock,” but rather to enhance what I have and try to implement routines that will help preserve what I do have as long as I can.  Last month on my 4 Beauty Favs for January, I highlighted a foundation that I recently fell in love with, a wonderful lip balm, some facial radiance pads that are awesome, and a new hairspray.  This  month, I’m sharing my favorite conditioner and hair care line, a skin serum that my friend Dana turned me on to, a nice smelling body wash that is also making a difference by working with a humanitarian organization, and an eyelash primer that I use with my favorite mascara to make a winning duo.

Living Proof Perfect Hair DayLiving Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Set

Yes, there is a difference with good, high quality shampoo and conditioners versus drug store brands.  I have very thin, fine hair so I initially was turned on to their Full  line of products including Full Shampoo & Conditioner, Full Root Lift Spray, and Full Thickening Cream.  I recently got hair extensions and no longer need the extra texture and oomph I got from Full, so I switched over to the Perfect Hair Day line.  I love the way it makes my hair look and feel, and I’ve found I can go a day or two without shampooing (I was an every-day wash kind of gal).  You can find it at Ulta, Sephora, or order from Amazon.

Clarity Rx Daily Dose of WaterClarityRx Daily Dose Of Water Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum, 1 Fl Oz

My friend Dana turned me onto this just a few weeks ago.  She swears by the stuff, and had been telling how soft it made her skin feel.  She was kind enough to give me her nearly-empty bottle, as she had just ordered more, and told me to try it out.  I instantly fell in love.  Just ONE drop rubbed into my face each morning after washing and before moisturizing is all it takes.  I found that it really did improve the texture of my face.  After just 2 weeks of use, I swear my skin looks brighter.  I’m so convinced that I just ordered their ClarityRx Cleanse Daily Vitamin infused Cleanser, 4 Fl Oz  cleanser.  You can order Daily Dose of Water here from Amazon, or learn more at the ClarityRX Website

home-product-1Raw Sugar Body Wash
When I came across the fantastic body wash at Target, I had no idea that the company “built on love and passion” also did good things:  for every product you purchase, a bar of soap is donated to a family in need.  They partner with Direct Relief who’s mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies.  Not only that, but they use responsible packaging with 25% post recycled plastic, the products are cruelty-free and vegan, and they use sustainable, certified organic ingredients.  Read all about their mission (and their love story) on the Raw Sugar Living website.  Try my favorite, Lemon Sugar or Raw Coconut + Mango.  Available at Target.

Lancome Cils Eyelash Primer – Lancome Cils Booster Xl Mascara Enhancing Base Full Size, 0.18oz

The samples get me every time.  I had never used eyelash primer before, and was stunned at the difference it made!  Not only does it augment the effects of my favorite mascara, it makes the mascara go on smoother.  I absolutely love Buxom mascara, but adding this as a base layer before applying it has made a huge difference!  My lashes definitely look longer, without the clumpiness that results from multiple coats of mascara.  This has become a part of my regular routine, and when I lost my tube of it a few weeks ago and tried to just go without, I couldn’t do it – I was running back to Sephora for more!  You can also get delivered to your door by ordering here on Amazon.

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