Product Review: Perfectly Posh

Product Review:  Perfectly Posh

A friend of mine recently hosted an online “party” for a product line called Perfectly Posh.  I had never tried the products before, but I was intrigued by the product names and descriptions as well as the packaging.  I decided to order a few different things to try.  Why not?  I love buying bath and beauty products and trying something new is always fun. img_2780

I decided to try out the gradual self-tanner called Fake It Til You Make It, Moon Over Sedona body butter, Shore Perfection body wash, Grit With It pumice foot scrub, All A Blur body perfecting cream, and Bring on the Bubbly Lip Scrub and Oil.  They also offer a complete line of facial products as well as hair products, but I’m pretty happy with what I currently use so I decided to stick with their body products.  I was surprised at how fast the shipping was – 2 days from placing my order to arriving on my doorstep!img_2982


First I tried out the self-tanner.  The scent is pleasantly sweet with none of that awful “self-tanner smell.”  I’m generally not a fan of sweet smelling products, as I prefer citrus and herb scents, but this particular scent, while sweet, is very pleasing and not at all over the top.  I was very happy that as the day went on, I didn’t develop that awful smell on my skin that most self-tanners produce.  The smell is the number one reason why I hate to use self-tanners, so I was very happy that this was the first one that really didn’t have that effect.  I can maybe detect just a hint of it late in the day, but for the most part, I don’t smell it at all.  As far as the color goes, I was able to notice it after the second day.  It’s not at all orange or fake looking.  In fact two different people asked me if I had been tanning, and I proudly said no!  One reminder:  wash your hands after you apply it to your body, or you’ll end up with orange palms (total rookie mistake; I know better)!  Final verdict is I will definitely order more of this stuff.

Next, I tried out the shower products – both the body wash and the foot scrub.  The body wash also has a subtle sweet smell that isn’t over the top and is light and refreshing.  I applied it with a shower pouf and it produced a nice foam and rinsed off cleanly.  The foot scrub is amazing!  The minty scent is refreshing and the pumice does a nice job of smoothing out rough spots on your feet (and if you need to get rid of self tanner on your palms, it does a pretty good job – ha!)  You really don’t need to use much at any one time, as a little goes a long way.  The foot scrub I would probably order again, however the body wash while it was nice, I probably won’t re-order.  I’m a huge fan of Raw Sugar and for a similar price you get a much bigger bottle.

img_2989Before bed I applied the body butter.  This was my favorite scent so far:  with a hint of lime and sage it has that herbal scent I love.  It comes in a very generous 10 oz. container and can be used liberally all over arms, legs, and feet.  The coconut oil and shea butter both produce a nice smooth and light texture without being overly oily or heavy.

img_2983So, the All A Blur perfecting cream was one of the items I was super excited to try.  It is supposed to make your skin look better with the use of ingredients like caffeine which tightens the skin, and mica to give you a slight shimmer.  I decided to try it on my stomach as well as my thighs to see if there was any noticeable difference.  The first thing I noticed was the scent – it has a pleasant, light citrusy scent that was unobtrusive and definitely wouldn’t clash with any other scents you may be wearing.  The shimmer is evident, it’s more than just luminous so I definitely would not apply this to my face.  I think the best application would be on your legs if you’re heading for a night out and your arms if you are wearing a sleeveless top.  The caffeine in the cream does make the skin appear a little bit tighter and the shimmer really is nice – not too glittery and enough to give an all-over glow.  I imagine you could also apply to your stomach before applying your sunscreen when you head to the pool or beach but it’s not going to last you all day if you are sweating or getting in the water.  And I have no clue if there is any interaction between it and the chemicals in sunscreen, but I’m going to give it a shot once it warms up outside.

Finally, the lip products.  YUM!  These were absolutely delightful.  I don’t know that it actually tastes like champagne, but it does have a nice sweet flavor with no bitter aftertaste like some lip products do.  The sugar scrub it nice – you just rub a small amount into your lips and you can either rinse it off or just lick it off.  It leaves your lips feeling smooth and soft.  I followed this with the lip oil.  At first I couldn’t tell if it was coming out of the tube, as it uses a metal roller ball that has a very cool feeling on the lips.  The oil is very light and not thick or goopy.  It absorbs into your lips and helps keep them soft.  I really love these two products.  I’m also a huge fan of Bite Beauty Agave lip scrub and balm.  These are really quite different in taste and texture.  I don’t think I’ll swap one for the other because I really do like them both.  The Bite products have a more “natural” and less sweet flavor, and the balm is obviously a much different texture than the oil.  Posh does offer lip balms, so I think maybe with my next order I’ll try one of those.

img_2991Also included in my box when I received it was a sample card of their Vial lip line.  The primer was a light, sort of oily texture that absorbed quickly and left my lips feeling soft.  There were two colors, “Love the Wine You’re With” and “Stop Blushing,” which is a nice color and I liked better than the darker wine color.  The color had good staying power, but it left my lips feeling kind of dry.

Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of the products and there are definitely some that I will re-order.  If you have the chance to try them out, or if you happen to get invited to a Posh Party, give them a shot.


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