August’s Favorite Four

This month for my four favorite beauty products, I’m featuring a fabulous leave-in conditioner for blondes, a shimmering highlighter pallet with four shades to make you glow, my favorite face moisturizer (that won’t break the bank), and the best concealer out there to hide sunspots and dark circles.


Pravana The Perfect Blonde Seal and Protect leave-in conditioner $19.99 Ulta

If you have blonde hair, you need this in your life.  You have to shake it well to mix it up before use (you’ll see that it separates, kind of like salad dressing does).  It is a fantastic de-tangler and leave-in conditioner, making your hair silky smooth, and also acts as a color enhancer for blondes, brightening the hair and making it less brassy (like purple shampoo does).  I use this every time I wash my hair, when I get out of the shower.  It comes in a very large bottle that isn’t conducive to travel, so I shake it up really well, then pour it into a smaller travel size spray bottle.  I haven’t tried their Perfect Blonde shampoo yet, but it’s next on my list once I use up my current bottle of purple shampoo.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit highlighters for face available at Ulta and Sephora $40

I’m going to be completely honest:  I purchased this and had absolutely NO CLUE how to use it.  My daughter wears highlighter, and she always looks stunning with a dewy glow, so I thought if I bought this, maybe I might have a chance at looking a fraction as good as she does!  I watched some tutorials, and still didn’t quite get it, but each time I use it, I feel a little more comfortable.  I still need to get Sydney over here to give me a lesson!  I’ve been using the pink color on top of my blush at the tops of my cheekbones, and putting a tiny bit of the white on the inside corners of my eyes.  In the evening I sometimes use the tan color under my cheekbones.  The subtle shimmer really does give my face a nice glow.


No. 7 Lift and Luminate Moisturizer available at Target and Ulta $26.99

I’ve used cheap moisturizers and expensive moisturizers, and I have to say this mid-priced product is my favorite.  The great thing about No. 7 Beauty products is in addition to being moderately priced, they are pretty widely available (Target, Ulta, Walgreens).  I also use their night cream and their Instant Illusions Wrinkle Filler.  I’ve tried the dark spot corrector, but didn’t find it to be effective (nothing is, to be honest).  This moisturizer is nice – not heavy or greasy, but provides the perfect amount of hydration.  And, it has a luminous finish, giving you a nice glow.  Since it isn’t crazy expensive, I feel like I can be generous with it and use it on my neck and chest as well.


Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer from Benefit $20 online at Benefit, also at Ulta and Sephora

You know those dark spots I mentioned above?  Well I have decided since I can’t make them go away permanently, I’ll have to learn to live with them, and this concealer from Benefit Cosmetics is the only product that makes them “virtually” disappear.  I used to be a huge fan of their Erase Paste, which they either discontinued, or re-branded under Boi-ing.  This really is the ultimate concealer.  A little goes a long way, so based on how long it lasts me, I think it’s a great value.  I use a tiny little brush to apply it after I’ve put on my foundation, then use my sponge to blot it in.  I’ve also used just this on my very dark spots with no foundation on the days where I go with little to no makeup.



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  1. No. 7 used to be UK only and I had gotten the tip from GOOP on what to get while in London at Boots pharmacy and I had picked up some No. 7 stuff then started seeing it in the US a few years later. I’ve discovered Dr. Hauschka’s products and love their face oil, cleanser and night serum. German beauty products never disappoint!


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