But you DO deserve it!

Lately I’ve seen posts on Instagram and heard people talking about being unworthy.  I see posts nearly every day about how dogs are just so good, we humans don’t deserve them.  I’ve also seen woman proclaiming that their husbands or boyfriends are just so good, they doesn’t deserve them.  Why do we think the good things in life are too good for us?   Why do we like to tell the world we are so undeserving?

I realize the point of the phrase “I don’t deserve this/him/you” is to illustrate just how good a particular person or thing is, but I think we are selling ourselves short.  You know what?  We DO deserve the good things in life!  We don’t need to justify why we deserve it, we just need to accept it when good things happen to us, or when good people are in our lives, and be thankful.  If your husband showers you with gifts, there is no need to tell the world that you don’t deserve him, because you do deserve him and you deserve to be treated well.  Instead, why not tell the world just how awesome he is and why you think so?

pexels-photo-236287There are many things in life we definitely do not deserve.  We don’t deserve to be bullied.  We don’t deserve disrespect.  We don’t deserve to live in fear.  We don’t deserve abuse. We don’t deserve to get cancer.  But, these things do happen to people every single day.  This fact makes the good things in life, whether they are people, animals, or material goods, that much more precious.  We deserve the good things not just because we’ve tolerated or even suffered through the bad, but because we have the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.

Now, I’m not giving the green light on frivolous spending, being selfish, or demanding things.  But I am giving the green light on being appreciative and thankful for the good in our lives.  Let’s celebrate it, instead of feeling like we don’t deserve it.  Because we do!

Cheers to the Good Life!

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