Mustache Bash Baby Shower

Last weekend we threw a “Mustache Bash” baby shower for a friend of ours, and I wanted to share with you some of the items I purchased and made to go along with the theme. This is a super cute and fun theme for a boy baby shower, and it’s really easy to find both décor and gift items.

Photo Booth Props

I downloaded these adorable photobooth props from Janna Salak Designs on Etsy for just $7, and had them printed locally at Staples on cardstock for less than $5.  Cutting them out wasn’t exactly fun, but I sat in front of Netflix and went to town.  The toughest ones to cut out were the glasses and some of the mustaches – I didn’t use the monocle because that just looked like it would be too thin/flimsy once cut out. Instead of wooden dowels, I used cute paper straws that I picked up from Michaels and simply taped them on.  I knew I wouldn’t be re-using these, so I didn’t find it necessary to put them on anything sturdier (like foam board), and they held up just fine for the party.  For a backdrop, we draped a black plastic table cloth on the wall and decorated with balloons and a banner.


Diaper Cake

For a centerpiece for the food table, I had intended on doing something cute with mason jars, but then I saw a picture of a diaper cake and decided to go with that instead – besides, the diapers can actually be used by the parents, so it’s not a “waste” but a useful decoration.  There are hundreds of tutorials and instructions out there, and various techniques. You can get quite fancy and intricate with them, but I kept it simple with three tiers, some ribbon, and a cake topper which I ordered on Amazon for just $8.99.  The cake topper came with a set of cupcake picks, which I used on the cupcakes I made for the party.

Diaper Cake

I used the “roll” technique and started by rolling up the diapers and securing each with a small rubber band.  I used 2 packages of newborn size diapers, plus 5 additional diapers (so I bought a total of 3 packs) and stuck the remaining diapers in a gift bag for the parents-to-be.  Once all of the diapers were rolled up, I took an empty paper towel tube and stood it upright, then arranged about 6-7 diapers around the bottom of it and secured them with a larger rubber band.  I repeated this again, securing with another rubber band, then did another row, securing that one with curling ribbon.  I think I used around 30-32 diapers for the first “layer” of the cake. I repeated the steps for the second and top tiers of the cake, using a total of 2 packs plus 5 more diapers (I think this is around 65-67 total).

I decorated it with ribbon, hot gluing the blue ribbon to the black, then securing the ribbon to the diaper cake with just a couple drops of hot glue.  To hold the cake topper in place, I put a rolled up diaper and placed it inside the top of the paper towel tube and stuck the topper into the diaper. Once done, I displayed it on a cake plate – however you can also use a disposable cardboard or Styrofoam round and hot glue the paper towel tube to that.  I found that I had secured everything tight enough that it did not fall apart and was easy to transport without a base attached.


I made simple white cupcakes in black cupcake papers and iced half of them with white buttercream and half with blue tinted buttercream and then simply added the adorable cupcake toppers that came with the cake topper I used for the diaper cake.


*Pro tip:  take some plastic punch cups and clear goody bags/treat bags to the party – they make great to-go containers for cupcakes! Simply drop a cupcake into the plastic cup, then put the cup in a goodie bag.  Guests love being able to take leftover cupcakes home!

Other Items

The co-host of the party got these adorable personalized M & M’s made for the party – check it out! They even have little mustaches on them!


We also set out some “advice” cards for the parents-to-be.  I downloaded the template from Dainty Doe Printables on Etsy.


Of course, I had to extend the party theme to the gifts as well.  I found this hipster mustache pacifier on Amazon, that I thought was just hysterical and a cute little matching mustache newborn outfit from Gap. And to finish it off, I picked up a copy of Mustache Baby from Barnes & Nobel – funny little book!

It was so much fun planning and preparing for this shower.  What are some of the cutest baby shower themes you’ve seen?



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