September Favorite Four

This month, I’m going to share with you four of my favorite beauty tools, because it’s not just make up and products that are part of my daily routine, but there are some tools I just can’t live without.


  1. A Good Hair Dryer – I’m sorry but cheap hair dryers just don’t cut it.  This is a case in which you get what you pay for.  Hair dryer technology has come a long way over the years and it’s more than just blowing hot air – it’s about not damaging your hair, ergonomics, and speed.I am currently using the Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 3000.  It’s less noisy that a lot of hair dryers which is one of the reasons I purchased it.  I get up pretty early and am usually drying my hair while my husband is still sleeping, so the level of noise it produces is important to me. Tourmaline hair dryers emit less damaging infrared heat and negative ions to make your hair less frizzy and shinier.  It has 1,875 watts of power which isn’t as much as most salon dryers, but on the high end for consumer grade products.I’ve also used a Babyliss dryer, which I liked and still keep in my guest bath.  I invested in the Centrix Q-Zone dryer when trying to find a good, quiet one, however it only lasted a year before it died so that $100 didn’t go very far.  My next one is going to be the Dyson.  I know it’s crazy expensive at $400, but I keep hearing great things about it, including how light it is, and the fact that your hair doesn’t get sucked back in through the vent because there isn’t one.  I’m not sure about the noise level, but I’ll investigate a bit more before biting the bullet.

    Will the Dyson be my next hair dryer?31PHk3KDzoL._SL500_AC_SS350_

  2. Big Round Brush – Hand in hand with a good dryer, you need a good quality round brush if you have straight hair. I have long hair so I use a large one – the Hot Tools XL Barrel Brush which is only $16.99 at Ulta.  I’ve also used the Cricket Technique Barrel Brush but found that my hair got stuck and tangled in the handle.  I good round brush will help produce a shiny, smooth finish while giving your hair a little extra body.
  3. Makeup Sponge – I’ve used my fingers and I’ve used brushes, but a contoured sponge is simply the best way to apply foundation. I know a lot of gals swear by the original Beauty Blender, but for a fraction of the price you can pick up Real Techniques Complexion Sponge at Ulta and Target.  You simply get the sponge wet, squeeze out all the water, then use it to blend in your foundation.  It works really well in getting a smooth, even finish.  They don’t last forever, so make sure you replace it when it starts to feel a little heavy with makeup, or if pieces start to fall off.
  4. Eyelash Curler – I know that eyelash extensions are all the rage right now, and I’ve considered on a few occasions getting them. However, if you’re like me and just don’t want to add another expensive beauty routine (my nails and hair are enough!), then good mascara and an eyelash curler are all you need.  I’ve shared my favorite mascaras on my blog before, but I’ve never mentioned using an eyelash curler.  The purpose of this little gadget is to curl your lashes upwards a bit to give the illusion of bigger eyes.  You have to be careful, however, or you’ll break off your lashes.  Use it before you put on mascara because the mascara can make your lashes stick to the curler and break off.  Also, make sure the silicon pad is on and good because it protects your lashes from breaking when you pinch the curler together.  I’m going to be honest here:  I’ve only used cheap ones that I pick up at Ulta or TJ Maxx.  There are some nicer ones on the market but I’m not sure how a more expensive one could be any better because it’s a pretty simple little device.  The only advantage I can imagine would maybe be the ergonomics of it.

What are your favorite or must-have beauty tools?



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